Cascade Lakes Fishing Report 9/6/18

East Lake was interesting this week. Sunday was good on Callibaetis, Tuesday was really hard in the morning because there was a Flying Ant or Termite #16’ish that was kind of a Honey Orange color mixed with #18-20 Flying Termites (Black) absolutely covering the water. Fish were going nuts. NUTS! Hard to match. We had a Harrops CDC Honey Ant and rose some fish but it wasn’t exactly what they wanted.
Callibaetis and Beetles saved the day later.
It’s been really good on Callibaetis. A Purple Haze during the hatch has been $.
For the time being I’d say Chironomid fishing is slow.
There are a lot of Bright Cherry Red Kokanee jumping at the surface. Fun to see. Haven’t seen any on the reds yet but when they do it attracts some nice Bow’s and Browns to the area.
Scuds, Water Boatman and Streamers are important flies at East for the Fall.

Hosmer is good. Callibaetis and Damsels are still good, and always have black ants and beetles for Hosmer this time of year.
We”ve had nice fishing on Balanced Leeches, Red Eye Damsels, Red Chironomids and Mohair Leeches.

Mixed action at Crane Prairie. Up and down reports coming in. Phil from the shop got a beauty yesterday on a leech at Quinn. Not many fish beyond that.
A young customer who I respect a ton for his amazing abilities caught a heap of fish fast stripping (and hanging) small mayfly nymphs last week.
Leeches, Chironomids, and Mayfly Nymphs will be key now, and Water Boatman and small Dragon Fly Nymphs are important for the next 7 weeks until the season ends.

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