Lower Deschutes report 9/6/18

A lot of Caddis on the water in the evening, so Pupa patterns throughout the afternoon are great as a nymph and then emergers and adults as the sun hides behind the canyon.
PMD’s are not done, and we have great luck on Purple Haze when the PMD’s are out on the D.
We’ve been having great fishing on small stone nymphs trailed with PMD Micro Mayflies and 3 Dollar Dips under an indicator, or Euro Jigs and Perdigons with a sighter.
Some Steelhead up the WS to TC area but very few so far. Best chances of Steelhead is Maupin and below.

If you want to swing, bring a 4 or 5 Switch or Spey and swing Black or Olive Sculpins and hang on, because any cast could be a trout or something much bigger.

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