Cascade Lakes fishing report 9/22/18

East Lake was good this week, still with Callibaetis hatching and fish looking up. Beetles along the banks has also been a solid choice.
Wind drifting and stripping leeches with a mayfly nymph dropper is a very good bet. I prefer this on an intermediate line, but will go to the Hover or Type III if needed.
Chironomids under an indicator has slowed but can be productive at times.
Kokanee Spawn is on so fishing an egg under an indicator can get some good trout now.
***Keep in mind some of the Boat Launches at EL CG and at Cinder Hill are currently closed for USFS (safety) logging operations. Hot Springs and the ramp at the Resort remain open.***

Crane is getting better and better on Leeches, Damsel Nymphs, Water Boatman and Chironomids.
Deschutes Channel and Quinn Channel are both fishing well and Rock Creek point is a solid place to go too.
We love Balanced Leeches under an indicator.

Lava is improving with cooler weather and its a good time to fish streamers and buggers on sinking lines, or balanced leeches under an indicator.

Wickiup is a no go for the most part. It’s at 2% capacity. It’s just a river now.



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