Crooked River fishing report 10/25/18

The Crooked is fishing well, but please keep in mind that at 60 cubic feet per second the fish are kegged up and vulnerable to getting caught a lot.
Know when to say I got enough, I can give them a break. In other words, don’t be a fish hog and catch 100 fish a day. I think when the river is under a 100 cfs, we have a responsibility to be even better stewards of the river and the fish.
Each afternoon the BWO and still some PMD’s are hatching and the fish are rising well to the surface.
Nymphing with small BWO and Midge Nymphs is very good. Scuds and Sow Bugs are also a good bet.
Haven’t seen the beginning of the Whitefish spawn yet, but in the next week or 2 that will go hard and Eggs will be great.

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