Crooked River water level updates 4/3/19

I’m away fishing in Belize but noticed the bump on flows in the Crooked to over 350 cfs below Bowman, and 1700 coming into the reservoir.

Keep an eye on it and call the shop or check river levels before you go. 350 to 500 is fishable for sure.

Also, it you’re there, be careful wading across the river in higher flows, especially because if they released more flow while you’re on the other side it would be especially difficult to navigate back.

Higher water is good for the river. It’ll move fish, clean up slime and create better habitat.

This level is NOT too high to fish. I’d feel good to 500 for sure.

Should be great Nymphing, BWOs should still Hatch well.

Prineville Reservoir is 70% capacity so they need to hold water back to fill, but balance what they think will come out of the Ochocco’s in the next weeks and months of snowmelt.

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