Lake report 4/19 for Opening Day 4/22

I took the day to go drive around the lakes on 4/18/19 and I wanted to see how it looked up there with snow levels and water temperatures where I could get accurate readings from the shoreline.
I think opening day on Monday is going to hold a lot of promise for some good fishing, and with the weather looking nice next week things are going to be getting better and better.
First of all, I will report that there is (probably) no way that access to Lava, Little Lava, Paulina or East will happen for at least another 2 or 3 weeks. I’d guess 3 to 5 weeks for East and Hosmer unless it really gets warm.
So here is what will be open for you now:
Davis Lake. I drove to Davis yesterday and found zero snow at the lake or in the campground on the East Side of O’Dell Creek. There is a big tree down in the CG blocking the loop but I’m sure USFS will cut that out ASAP. Camping conditions look great.
For those of you launching small boats like drift boats or pontoons, the Lava Camp Ground dirt ramp and channel are good. (See Photos)
The Road over to the West Side CG and Boat Ramp are still snowed in. It’s amazing what a couple of hundred feet in elevation gain make this time of year for snow depth. (see photo)
Crane Prairie is looking great for the most part. I went up to the Jct of South Century Drive and Century Drive hoping to drive to Rock Creek and Quinn, but as of yesterday the gate was closed (see photo). I was told by a friend in the Sunriver Anglers that he heard Rock Creek would be open for the 4/22 opener. Cross your fingers.
Over near the resort, at the main ramp the docks are still sitting in the parking lot. I would hope they will have them in the water this weekend for Monday’s opener. That parking lot was 1/3 covered in snow, but not deep and melting fast. Perhaps the county will plow it and get it free and clear? Hard to say, it is usable as is, but would be awesome if all the parking spots were available and you knew where the lines were.
I took a drive to Wickiup after Crane and looked around the ramp at the end of the Deschutes Channel and in the CG there. The CG is getting pretty full already. It is a mess with tree debris.
The Ramp is looking great and there is no snow there at all. The Lake is only 69% full but it looks pretty normal to me and the ramps were not by any means high and dry.
South Twin looks great and is/will be full of stocked rainbows, and the same goes for North Twin. The Road in to North Twin was muddy yesterday with a lot of big puddles and some snow left. I wouldn’t go in with low clearance. I’ve already had good reports from both lakes on Balanced leeches near the shore lines.

Here is the gate closure at the Jct of South Century and Century. Yesterday it was a no go to Rock Creek and Quinn. If my source is correct, it should be open by opener 4/22.

Here is the sign to theWest Davis CG and Boat Ramp. Look at the next photo and see the deep snow left… IMG_0068

Not going down this road for a bit. This is the road to West Davis. IMG_0069

Looking great around Davis from this vantage point. IMG_0071

Here is the Lava CG “ramp”. All clear and ready for a Drift Boat or Pontoon Launch. IMG_0072

The Road from South Century Drive to the Crane Prairie resort still has some snow patches to contend with. Easy to navigate, but if you are hauling ass because you’re excited to fish be careful not to flip your truck and boat because you weren’t prepared for a surprise patch of snow or ice!IMG_0074

You can see the snow is covering 1/3 of the main boat ramp at Crane. Will the plow make it?IMG_0075

Ramps from Crane sitting in the parking lot. IMG_0076

Crane is looking perfect! My old golden retriever Paloma is having the time of her life.IMG_0078

Water temps at Crane already mid 50’s. Trout want to eat at this temperature.IMG_0079

Crane Prairie 4/18/19IMG_0081

Wickiup Boat Ramp. Looks perfect. Are the fish there? IMG_0085

The ramp at South Twin. Lake is perfect. Still some snow in the parking lot but going fast. IMG_0086

The Ramp at North Twin. Dry. Warm day on 4/18 with lots of guys in shorts. Fish were working the banks.IMG_0091

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