East Lake fishing report 6/4/19

The water has cleared a lot in the last few days. Water temps are ranging in the 52 to 55 range and it really depends on where you are on the lake.
There are a lot of fish trying to spawn on the shorelines all around the lake.
We’ve been doing well fishing beetles and black ants along the rocks and drop off’s.
Balanced Leeches & Chironomid Pupa under an indicator in 8 to 10 feet has been good. Yesterday I ran an egg as a dropper and we got a fish doing that. I figured with all the spawners around it couldn’t hurt and it put an extra fish to the boat.
Yesterday there was a very very light Callibaetis hatch that was going at the hot springs area. A few fish started rising then the wind really picked up and it ended fast. We hook some fish on Callibaetis nymphs on an intermediate and on a hover line both stripping and wind drifting.

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