Cascade Lakes fishing report 6/10/19

I guided Crane again a few days ago. it was cool to have a couple of young guys who withstood the very bad weather and caught a bunch of fish on Chironomids and Black Hale Bopp Leeches and a fly they tied on a jig called a Little Bastard. Pretty sweet to see the line tight so many times in a day.

South And North Twin are great. Look for bigger fish in deeper water on Balanced Leeches and plenty of smaller trout along the shorelines on Callibaetis and Chironomids.

Hosmer is really heating up with Callibaetis. Leeches, Red Ice Cream Cones, Squimey’s, Water Boatman and Damsel Nymphs are good.

Heard some good stuff coming out of Wickiup, especially in the Deschutes Arm. Mostly Chironomids and Leeches but heard about some sweet mayfly hatches going on too.

Lava and Little Lava are good bets, especially the big lake on Chironomids. This week the callibaetis should heat up with the weather getting better.

With this hot weather this week, look for flying ants and beetles action to be good at any time on any of the lakes.

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