Fall River fishing report 6/10/19

The FFP guides have been hitting the Fall River with gusto lately and finding some very good fishing on a variety of dries and Euro Nymphs.
PMD’s, Yellow Sally’s, Ant’s, Beetle’s, Olive Caddis and a Green Drake or two on most days that get the fish coming up and acting feisty.
We’ve been knocking the snot out of them on Perdigon’s fish tight on 6.5X
Zebra Midges, PT’s, Olive Hares Ear and Frenchies are all favorites for now.

We have been fishing mostly around the hatchery and down around the tubes and falls. Look for some good fishing in the Camp Ground area up towards the head waters too, and don’t forget to poke into some of the smaller parking areas and lesser known areas for a little solitude.

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