Cascade Lakes fishing report 6/15/19

East Lake is fishing well, with chironomid action under an indicator doing best, plus an increasing number of callibaetis hatching. We have also been doing well on ants, and some beetles too.

Crane is good on chironomids and balanced leeches. Seems to me the Deschutes Channel has been best (at least on the days I’ve been there), but heard good things from Quinn too.

Hosmer damsel action is going strong. Callibaetis most days, although yesterday when I was guiding there the wind blew too hard for a good mayfly hatch. We did get fish on the top with ants and caddis.
Mayfly nymphs and red ice cream cones under a NZ Wool Indicator was good yesterday.

I talked to some folks who went to Lava 2 days ago and did very well. The reports I’ve been getting are on Chironomids mostly, although I’ve heard of strong Callibaetis hatches lately.

Davis has been good for bass, and pretty decent for trout on the SW side with leeches, damsel nymphs or callibaetis.

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