Metolius River fishing report 6/28/19

what a week it’s been on the Metolius. Green Drakes were the best I saw all season last Saturday, although as of this week the drake action is pretty much done until fall with just an isolated hatch here and there. If you’re fishing the canyon, hatchery or Bridge 99 area I’d carry a few drakes for another week just in case!
PMD’s are strong, leading to Rusty Spinner falls in the evening.
Caddis are very good with Caddis Emergers and Dries taking some nice fish on the surface.
Still not seeing a lot of Golden Stones, but there are a few out (salmonflies too) and the fish will be wanting them as the hatch improves in July.
I played hooky from the shop Monday morning and just took my Euro rod and landed about 30 rainbows in a few hours on Perdigons. Crazy good.

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