Metolius River fishing report 8/24/19

Many, many, many hatches and more to come.
For Mayflies you’ll see PMD’s #16, BWO #18-20, Ameletus #14, Flav #12-14, Rusty Spinners #16-20, Olive Spinners #18-20
Caddis are really coming on strong, with millions of little yellow Micro Caddis (#20 Yellow Iris), plus Tan and Olive caddis mixed that are #14-18 and some dark grey #12-14 and #18.
Stoneflies are yellow sallies #16 & 18, Golden Stones #10-12, a few Salmonflies mixed in in isolated spots #4-6 and the beginning of the massive emergence of the Little Olive Stones #16-18.

I’d guess we are 7 to 12 days away from really good Fall Green Drake hatches. I heard some were hatching in the rain 2 days ago from a good source.

The next 8 weeks on the Metolius are the best trout weeks of the year, especially if you’re a dry fly angler.

Bull Trout fishing is good to very good. Plenty of new fish moving up from the lake. Adam saw a spot last week with about 40 BT’s stacked up. Incredible.

We continue to do well on Euro Nymphing techniques all over the river.

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