Lakes fishing report 9/14/19

I guided Crane 5 of the last 8 days and it’s overall been good, mostly on Leeches. This week they had days of liking Black, Maroon, Brown and Olive. Some days it was with a Red Bead, some days an Orange Bead and other times a subdued Gunmetal Bead.
Fish are eating a lot water boatman there too.
As always there will be action on Chironomids and Zebra Midges. Our best day was last friday with about 30+ fish, and then the numbers ranged from there to just a few to 12 to 30 depending on the day and the abilities of the casters on the boat.

Steve guided East this week, and Phil from the shop was up there a couple of days after and the fishing was good and bad. Steve saw an excellent Callibaetis hatch and fished dries for a good period of the day and after the hatch got several more fish on foam beetles. Phil didn’t see a damn thing happening! That’s EL at the end of Summer for ya. We need the October weather to come in, get cold and wet and that place will be on again on a consistent basis.

Several of our guides were on Hosmer this week and found good fishing on both the upper and lower lakes and in the channel. Lots of fish on Zebra Midges and Balanced Leeches for them. Waterboatman and small scuds should be in your box for fall too. And never forget Ant’s at Hosmer.


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