Metolius Fishing Report 10/2/19

This week there are still quite a few #10-12 Green Drakes on the water. Won’t last too many more days but its on now.
PMD, BWO and Mahogany duns continue to fish well from noon to 4 or 5, and if it’s a warmer evening the caddis and rusty spinners will be out until dusk, otherwise that will happen earlier in the afternoon now.
There are plenty of October Caddis. The fish certainly prefer the pupa but the adult has moments of glory.
Lot’s of Kokanee in the river now. Eggs are now an important nymph.
We continue to have great success with Perdigons and Jigs and Golden Stone Nymphs too.
Bull Trout fishing is very good on Streamers.

BTW, other than tomorrow the weather looks divine for the next 7 days or so, with Sunday and Monday getting close to 80 again!

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