Crooked River fishing report 11/22/19

The flows are nice for winter at 93 cfs. We’ve seen it much lower and that can be a negative for the fishing. 93 gives the fish and the insects some cover and comfort and is enough flow that it won’t freeze over as easily unless we get a bad arctic system.
All good news.
Euro nymphing techniques with small perdigons and zebra midges have been excellent. Whitefish are in spawn so eggs in the drift are another thing to match now.
If you aren’t Euro Nymphing use a NZ Wool Indicator for the best success.
BWO hatches are scarce. Be prepared to maybe see a few mayflies on a warm afternoon, but most of the dry fly action for the next 60 to 80 days will be rare, and will be tiny midges popping late in the afternoon.
Scuds, Ray Charles, Skinny Nelsons, PT’s, Leeches, Cased Caddis, Hares Ear, Winkler and Micro Mayfly’s are recommended too.

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