Metolius River Fishing Report 1/31/20

Fishing has been the best I can ever remember on the Metolius for January. I expect this trend to continue in to February as long as the weather pattern doesn’t hit us with an arctic blast or a huge pineapple express that could flood the tributaries.

Each afternoon about noon to 2 we’ve seen good BWO hatches and fish are looking up.
There have also been a mix of little Cinygmula (yellow) #16’ish mayflies during that hatch period too.
This week has seen a lot more Silver Stripe Sedges (small October Caddis essentially) and it can be worth casting an Orange Elk Hair Caddis, but the Stalcup’s Realistic Pupa is better under the surface. Also, the Orange Bird of Prey Caddis Pupa is a great bet in the late afternoon.
Speaking of nymphing, the usual perdigons, jigs, micro mayflies, 2 bit hookers, zebra midges and stonefly nymphs are producing really well.

Bull Trout action has been pretty good. You know how it goes in the winter with the Bull’s, but on days they aren’t looking at streamers try a Red Copper John Jig or Lightning Bug, or drift a streamer dead under an indicator.

Access is good and there is very little snow to deal with along the river or the roads.

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