Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 3/7/20

Don’t forget all water adjacent to the Warm Springs Reservation are closed until 4/22/20. So no fishing at WS, Mecca, Trout Creek or South Jct.
You need to get down below the reservation boundary and that means Maupin.
From Maupin upstream to the Locked gate is our favorite. Stonefly nymphs, Soft Hackle PT, Hares Ear, Sparkle Pupa, Green Rock Worm, Prince, Perdigons, Jigs and SJ Worms all are in the game.
There certainly are some BWO hatches and it won’t be long to see March Browns. If I was going soon, I would at least throw in some #14 Purple Haze in my box for March Browns, and as we get later in the month that is more and more likely and you need to up your selection with good MB patterns.

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