General State of the Union Fishing (or Not) report 4/2/20

I wanted to write this yesterday, but figured on April Fools Day it might be perceived as a joke. It is no Joke.

If you are worried about going out and getting a ticket while fishing, or cant figure out access, YOU are absolutely a person who should be sheltering in place at your home. We have received 100’s of calls and emails about this.
Please stop calling the fly shops and asking if it’s okay. If you have doubts, than you know it is not okay. For you. Stay home. Tie flies and read a book or download the NEW Lance and Devin Vimeo and learn to be a better angler when this shit passes.
We don’t talk or spread rumors and you should not either. We are not attorneys. We are not the state government or the federal government. We are a fly fishing store. Let us be good at that.
A story to share that leads light on how people are acting: a customer called me after calling ODFW, (who by the way has no authority on most, if not all boat ramps) and was pissed because “some woman” at ODFW wouldn’t give him her name when he required her to guarantee he’d not be ticketed for using a boat ramp. That’s unfair. Be responsible for yourself.
Which leads to me to this:
If you are responsible for yourself and at the same time can be responsible for society and our local communities why not go fishing alone, or meet a friend at the river (driving in separate cars)? That is reasonable.
I am riled up today. But jeez folks, be responsible.
A fly shop is not here to offer you legal advice.
We give great advice on flies and stuff, but don’t put us in the middle of your doubts or your guilt please! If you venture out and are ticketed that’s only on you. I doubt that would happen, but still on you.

With all of that said, for those anglers with common sense, and no guilty conscience the fishing is good on the Middle Deschutes with March Browns and the water is dropping now. Over on the Crooked the water is up to Summer Levels (over 230 cfs) and with the quick increase the fishing was a little slower for a few days but will be awesome any day with Baetis and midges. On the Fall River, access is tough with a lot of the river under State control and closed off to access, but there is access if you poke around and the fish are rising to Midges, Baetis, Micro Caddis and taking nymphs and small streamers readily. On the Lower D all boating access is closed but there would be some drive in access around Maupin. Remember the rest of the river opens April 22 but will be delayed until sometime in May as we are told now. I know the town of Maupin is leery AF getting outsiders in there. Be aware of that and respect local people who are scared of others infecting their communities with the virus. Little places like that don’t have the health services to handle it. North and South Twin are fishing with early season conditions. There are no great reports from either lake yet, other than we know some people are catching a few trouts on both lakes, and with on and off snow storms lately, access will also be tough but improving, so be careful on the roads and expect 4WD conditions. We heard the ramps are closed at both lakes so don’t expect to launch a boat. The Metolius is open except for the normal seasonal closure of the Headwaters to Allingham and at the hatchery which is shut down for a while to protect the state employees who live and work there. Baetis, Cinygmula, a lot of Caddis and even a mix of different Stoneflies are on the top. Nymphs to match all of these are good for sure. Chickahominy Reservoir is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Sisters East on Hwy 20, just short of getting to Burns. Fishing is good on Leeches and Water Boatman, Chironomids and Prince Nymphs. People are bringing boats there, but we recommend hitting the shorelines. We stopped guiding the McKenzie because we cant adhere to the 6 feet apart social distancing Governor Brown advises in a drift boat now, so no drift boat trips for us at this time. Bummer.
Please, do not overcrowd any spot.
The River will still be there when all this is behind us. We will get through it and so will you. Be safe, we care about you.

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