Central Oregon fishing report 5/15/2020

Happy Friday everyone. Thanks again for reading our fishing report and thanks for all of you reaching out to say how much you enjoyed them, even when I’m a cranky old bastard. You guys are the best!

Lower Deschutes- We got an email this afternoon that didn’t make me too happy. We believed we were all set for the Warm Springs to Trout Creek to open (segment 1) on Thursday 5/21/2020. It turns out, according to BLM they are still working with other managing partners to determine segment 1 and 2 opening dates for floats. That means they are working together with the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs and Oregon State Parks before an announcement is made.
Personally, I think it is time to allow float trips on all segments of the Deschutes. So I am hopeful the BLM can get it going for us all next week.
In the mean time the Salmonfly hatch is going and should be around for quite a while longer. It’s been on and off warm to cool, so this prolongs the egg laying flights of the bugs that have hatched. The fish are looking up more and more and are eating. We love that.
Besides Salmonflies, increasing hatches of Golden Stones and PMD’s, PED’s and Caddis and a few Drakes mixed in now too.
Nymphing action is good. Mostly on smaller stuff like copper john, PT, sparkle pupa, fox’s poopah, jigs and perdigons.

Middle Deschutes is at the tail end of big salmon flies but far from over I’d guess.
Plenty of PED’s Pale Morning Duns, Caddis and even some BWO’s mixed in.
Don’t forget attractors like Renegades and Purple Haze.
Nymphs and Streamers are a good bet, all the same nymphs listed above for the Lower River and Hell Razor Leeches and Sculpzilla’s.

Metolius- this week we saw a lot better hatches of PMD’s, and a lot of baetis. Some green drake action, especially in the lower reaches of the river.
Next Friday the river will open above Allingham.
There have been some really good days nymph fishing. Jigs, Perdigons, Golden Stone Nymphs, PT’s, Guide CDC Hares Ear, Sparkle Pupa and Zebra Midge.
Not many reports this week of Bull Trout. But it should be just as good as from the last report. My 2 main Bull Trout guys were out fishing other water this last week. (The Nerve, right?)

Fall River- I haven’t had a chance to go, but assume with the opening of LaPine State Park, access to the Tubes and Falls is back on down Road 4360.
The hatchery appears to remain closed to access. If you can confirm this send me a message or call the shop.
PMD hatches along with some Yellow Sally’s, Ants, Beetles, Midges and some small Caddis have been getting fish to eat off the top.
Nymphing has been really good, especially Euro Style with Jigs and Perdigons and Zebra Midges. 2 Bit Hookers and Micro Mayflies are very hot flies now as well.

Crooked River– It is nice to see the river down under 300. 260 cfs today.
Mothers Day Caddis and BWO mixed with the ubiquitous midges will be the menu for the next week and half or so, and then the caddis will taper way off. Nymphins and Dry Fly action is good.

Crane Prairie– Balanced Leeches and Chironomids are hot. Fishing is good all over the lake.

East Lake– It hurts my soul I haven’t got up yet. Bad weather has hampered my possible outings so far. I’ve hears the boat ramp at EL Campground is partially snow covered but usable, and the Hot Springs is perfect . Getting good reports on strong bites on PT’s, Chironomids and Brown Leeches.

Hosmer- it is time. Good reports on Balanced Leeches and Chironomids. It is one of the 1st lakes in the system to get Callibaetis, they aren’t hatching yet, but it won’t surprise me if they do next week or early the week after. Access from the south, not over Mt Bachelor yet. Road crews will get that upper road over Mt B open sometime soon.

Davis, Lava and Little Lava are very low. Tough if not impossible boat launching at Davis. Fishing is good at Davis for Pontoon anglers that can get through the mud and reeds to get on the lake.
There are nice fish to be had at Davis and Lava.

We are waiting to see when we can guide in boats on the Lakes too. USFS is having a meeting again monday and hopefully will determine that opener for us.

We have started running boat trips on the McKenzie again. It is running slightly high but the Caddis and Yellow Mayflies are hatching and the fishing is good.

We have implemented many plans for Covid on guide trips and in the shop.
If you would wear a mask in the shop while you shop we appreciate the gesture. It is not required for you to do that, it is for us. My favorite analogy is:
if we all run around naked and someone pees on you, you get wet right away.
If you are wearing pants, some pee will get through, but not as much, so you are better protected.

But if the guy who pees also is wearing pants, the pee stays with him and you do not get wet.

We have hand sanitizer for you in the shop when you enter and we continue to allow just 2 people inside at a time. We also have been delivering to the curb for customers. Just call us, wither ahead of time or when you pull up and we can handle your shopping for you. We spend a lot of effort to clean and sanitize the shop.
We care about you.

see you on the water or in the shop.

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