2020 Memorial Weekend Fishing Report

First off, be careful out there. Seems like people are getting the feeling we are out of the woods but this week Deschutes County had a spike in cases so we are diligent in mask wearing at the shop. Please wear one when you visit us.

Fishing overall has been good. Here is the breakdown of all of our favorite waters.

East lake the docks are in and we got the green light to guide it from USFS yesterday! Fishing was off this week with the wind and snow up there, mostly just from a standpoint of not being able to get on the water for at least 2 days, but the weather is improving now and we expect to see great fishing coming up. Chironomids, Callibaetis Nymphs, Leeches, Beetles and maybe Flying Ants with the warmer days forecasted.

Crane Prairie boat docks are in too. Also got the go ahead for guiding. Leeches and Chironomids. Fishing is good all around the Deschutes/Resort side, Quinn, Rock Creek Channel, and Quinn.

Hosmer is good. I expect to see callibaetis any day now. Also, with warm days ahead, ants and beetles, and juicy alder flies can be something the trout love to hit at the surface.
Leeches, Red Ice Cream Cone, Zebra Midges, Damsel Nymphs and Water Boatman are all recommended too.

Lower D is good. Despite the cool and windy weather we’ve seen decent bite on the big stones. PMD and Caddis hatches are important in all stages too.

Middle Deschutes is good. Kind of the same story as the Lower D, but the stones are tapering down fast. I guess it wouldn’t surprise me too much we’ll see a bunch fly for mating and egg laying if we do get some hot days soon. But most of the Middle River from Bend to Billy Chinook is PMD, Pale Eve Dun, Caddis, Euro Nymphs and Sculpins.

Crooked is running low this week, 163 cfs today. Fishing is very good on caddis, zebra midges, scuds and micro mayfly patterns.

Fall River is all open except the hatchery. A few green drakes are starting to pop, but its mostly PMD’s mixed with BWO, caddis, midges and the beginning of the Yellow Sally hatch. Ants are working well too.
Fish are picky. They’ve been hit hard and sulk a lot.. Bring your A game.

Metolius is getting better and better and today marks the opening of the upper river from the Headwaters to Allingham. I heard it was good up there today. I have been on the lower reaches with Tina quite a bit lately and getting most fish on Green Drakes, but some on PMD’s and Perdigon patterns. The area from Allingham to Gorge is good with PMD’s. Drakes are mostly down from the hatchery and not up in the canyon yet.

Three Creeks Lake is sort of accessible if you are willing to walk a ways through snow. USFS opened the gate late yesterday afternoon. I’d suppose leeches on the edges are going to kill it. I know of no one yet who has actually fished it and have conflicting info on how far you can drive in. I’ve heard only to the Horse Camp which is at least a mile from the lake, and another report was to the Park Meadow Trailhead which is even farther.

2 thoughts on “2020 Memorial Weekend Fishing Report

  1. Was at Three Creek Lake Friday. You can drive to within about 200-300 yards then walk through snow the rest of the way. Some ice around the edges. Saw no signs of life in the, no rises, nothing. Probably too cold, might be better Sunday or Monday after some warmer weather.

    Hope that helps. Tim W.

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