Metolius River update 8/19/20

Last Sunday a lightning caused fire started on Green Ridge above the river near the junction where the low road (14) hits the high road just north of Gorge Camp Ground. This fire has seen significant growth in the last 24 hours and it is very windy today, making the potential for way more spread today. We are nervous about that aspect of it, not only for the river we love so much but for the communities that are around it.
Camp Sherman is at Level 1 for evacuation, as are the camp grounds along the river. That is the lowest level meaning at the moment the threat is small to that area, but could change with a wind shift. Right now, the fire is blowing away from the river and over the ridge from what we can tell. It is moving towards the 11 Road which goes from Indian Ford CG to Lake Billy Chinook. There are current road closures in place and some homes under Level 2 in the area down to Stevens Canyon.
In the Metolius basin, we recommend a lot of caution, as it is more important for fire personal to move about safely and freely than for tourists, hikers and anglers to be in the way try.
The Upper River above Camp Sherman remains accessible if you have to go. But, do you have to go? Can you wait a few days and see how this pans out? That’s a better plan and I promise to update when I have more info.
I’ll find out more about getting access below to Wizard Falls and the Bridge 99 area, but certainly those areas and roads are being used for moving people and equipment to and from the fire so best to avoid them for a bit.
Be smart, be courteous and be safe.

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  1. Thanks for your post Jeff. Best to stay out of their way, and give fire fighters room to protect the beautiful metolious watershed.

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