Fishing update 3/26/21

Happy Spring Break everyone! I missed a lot of the week home sick, but back at the shop today after a morning with my friends Gary and Tim working on my lake boat on a warm, sunny spring morning. We did (Gary did!) updated rod racks and a new plug for the Noco Genius battery charging system. I got all the OSMB license stickers on the new wrap and I just need to load the essential gear back out of winter storage and I am ready to roll. My guide trips bookings for 2021 are record setting, so much so I am not going to be accepting too many more clients for this season. May and June are 100% booked (I took some days off so I can fish Drakes with Tina) and have limited dates early and late in July. August is a bit better, but September and October are again very booked.

Our whole guide team at FFP is seeing more early bookings, a lot of repeat customers and calendars already filling fast. If you want a summer trip, think about it and plan early if you can.

It is supposed to be glorious over the weekend (Saturday especially) so hope you all make it to the water.
Next week looks super good other than Monday. In fact, it may be our 1st week to hit 70 degrees since last fall. I don’t know about you, but I just love this time of year when it gets warm. Flowers will be soon to follow.

There is exciting fishing going here around Sisters, and plenty good stuff to share again this week.
If you read my reports often you can feel it building now. More waters are opening up, and more waters are seeing more productive days of fishing as it slowly warms. It’s about sunlight, and metabolism as things get warmer. When the water warms the fish need to eat more. And eating they are.

Let me tell you about it:

The Metolius is about the same as last Saturdays report. I have heard about some very good Bull Trout catches this week. All on big streamers.

  • The Cinygmula (yellow mayfly #14-16) is on. That is a fun hatch to intercept and fish.
  • The ubiquitous BWO hatch in the afternoon around 1 PM #18-20.
  • Orange Caddis #8-10, and #12
  • Grey Caddis #14
  • Tan Caddis #16-18
  • a smattering of Midges (#20-24)
  • and Stoneflies just to confuse us more

Nah, we aren’t really confused, because 99% of the time the trout never eat these early stones on top, but the nymphs are well imitated with a small version of the Golden Stone you’ve probably fished there for years.
Since I had to live vicariously through friends this week I know a few of my good Metolius buddy’s crushed fish Euro Nymphing. A Pink Bead Walt’s Worm and an Olive Perdigon was the best combo.
Very much hoping to be back on the water Sunday. See you out there.

AND- don’t fish above Allingham Bridge until May 22. It’s a constant reminder to say this as day after day we see people fishing between Camp Sherman Store and the Allingham Bridge, and one customer even told me how well he did in the Blue Hole. OMG peeps, we can do better understanding regulations and knowing how to read a map.

The Crooked River is still seeing a very good BWO hatch #18-20. Knock Down Duns, Film Critics, Sparkle Duns and that BDE that I’ve talked about on a few reports. My friend Bruce who is the Montana Fly rep introduced us to that BDE several years ago and the Crooked fish devour it. it floats a long time with an application of Shimizaki Dry Shake too.
I expect the river levels to rise next week. Maybe after April 1… So, it could go from 47 cfs to 200, maybe 240 cfs one day. If you are fishing, that is going to be something to watch for. If you are on the other side of the river and you start noticing a lot of junk floating by (more than the usual CR junk), cross back before it gets high. 240-260 is normal summer flow. But it will get dirty for a day or two and might slow the fishing a little. The BWO’s will still hatch and often the high flow will also create a really good nymphing opportunity. Think about larger Prince Nymphs and Squirmy’s right after the water comes up. And also we’ve smacked them hard on leeches dead drifted and on the swing during high or raising water times on the Crooked.

For the most part, the nymphing is with perdigons, micro may’s, skinny nelson’s, 2 bit’s, frenchie’s, scuds and tiny midges. There is still a really strong midge hatch in the afternoon and the fish rise well to emergers and adult midges as the sun get’s lower.

Don’t forget about our spring guide trip special for $350 for 1 to 3 anglers until 4/21. Fill out the contact form to schedule.

The Fall River is good, and so nice to have the access through the hatchery again. The headwaters, camp ground, hatchery, tubes and falls are all accessible and fishing well. It was a good week on the Fall from what I heard. Adam had several guide trips out there as part of our spring special we are promoting until April 21. $350 for 1 to 3 people.
BWO #18, Peacock Caddis #12-14, Hippy Stomper #10, Midges #18-22, a mix of Jigs and Perdigons, 2 Bits, Micro Mayfly’s and some small streamers are all good.

Our guide Troy had a few good trips on the Lower Deschutes near Maupin this week. He reported mostly all nymph action with Euro Jigs and Perdigons resulting in the best fishing. Stonefly nymphs are important too! Remember the Maupin area is open but not South Jct, Trout Creek, Mecca, or Warm Springs. Those areas open on the general trout opener April 22. Can’t wait.

The Middle Deschutes is down a little bit as the irrigation season is just beginning. I saw a few canals carrying water today. We are probably a week away from some really good March Brown hatches.
Streamers and nymphs are your best choice for the moment as other hatches just are not quite rolling yet.

Good news from a couple of the Lakes in the region. South Twin and Haystack are open and fishing at Haystack is outstanding, and so far S. Twin is slow to fair, but ought to turn on quick with the warm weather coming.
Friends this week at Haystack had tons of luck with Olive Balanced Leeches. My friend who fished South Twin got his fish on a type 5 line stripping a Chartreuse Bead Olive Leech, but said 5 of the 6 fish hit on the hang at the end of the strip. The HANG is important, as so many lake fish follow the stripped fly, and eat it once the rod tip is raised to make the fly twitch vertically, and then hang there for a moment. It is also an exciting take.

I don’t have any reports from Lake Billy Chinook this week. Sorry. I will try to recon better for the next report. I can tell you April is one of the very best months for Bull’s on the Metolius Arm for a fly angler. And April is knocking on our door.

I’ll be in the shop Saturday if you are out and about, please stop in and visit.
All the best to you until we meet again.


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