Fishing update 4/10/21

Today is a cold and windy day across the region, and a reminder that spring is a transitional time. We win and we lose when it comes to the weather, but winning on the fishing more and more.
It was so windy down on the Metolius this morning there were some trees down. And snowflakes blowing around too.
Weather like this is really conducive to great March Brown hatches on the Middle and Lower Deschutes, and i’ve seen some really great cinygmula hatches on the Metolius on this me kind of day over the years.
I would happily be on any of the rivers today, but at the same time, I’m very glad to be off the lakes and not sitting in a cold boat, and instead really happy to be at the shop watching the Masters between customers.

Yesterday, I went up to the summit of Mt Bachelor (for research of course). From up there I could see Davis, Wickiup and Crane Prairie were ice free.
Little Lava, Lava, Hosmer and Sparks remain iced over, but the channels through Sparks and Hosmer were ice free.
I’d say Wickiup and Crane are going to see a good opener on 4/22/21. We can’t wait.

The Metolius is fishing pretty good with a mix of hatch activity and better nymphing opportunities.
All the same stuff I’ve reported over the last recent reports, including BWO’s #18-20, Cinygmula #14-16, March Browns #14, a large mix of caddis from big orange’s that go #8 to 12, tan and grey caddis from #12-18.
Had a good report today of fish eating Golden Stone nymphs hard! That is not unexpected but a good reenforcement and reminder of how important that bug is to the river.
Streamer fishing is good for Bulls, but I will say over the last week I know of a lot more Bulls that were taken on a nymph and indicator rig.
Today a friend of mine caught 2 spin fisherman rigging up in the fly fishing only section. He politely asked them to leave to find other water, and they argued they just wanted to try for one fish. Then the dad came and argued that since we’ve all been through so much over the last year wouldn’t it be ok for the boys to fish there any way they chose?
Are you kidding me? Laws are laws, for all of us.

The Crooked is at a nice level just short of summer flow. It is 167 cfs and has been steady there all week. Fishing is really good on Perdigons, Micro Mayflies, 2 Bits, Flashback PT, Zebra Midges and Scuds. The afternoon BWO hatch continues to be a great hatch on most days.

The Fall River is also fishing well, especially from the Hatchery up to the Headwaters. Afternoon hatches of March Browns #14, BWO’s #18’s and Caddis #12-16 are good. Look for days when tiny midges might be an important hatch too. So far we haven’t seen the 1st pop of PMD’s but they should hit soon and be on the lookout for them as well.
Nymphing an Egg, Jig, Perdigon, Zebra Midge and 2 Bit Hooker are producing the best catches. Micro Streamers are also working really well. We just got a really cool new pattern in that is a catcher on the Fall and the Metolius.

The Middle Deschutes has dropped and is at a great level now. This week the March Brown hatch was good most days. Look for the big #14 mayflies about 2 to 4 PM, maybe as early as noon.
I fondly remember when I was going to COCC and working at the Fly Box heading to Lower Bridge at Lunch Time with my Sage 390 RP rod and a box full of March Browns and having some of the best dry fly fishing a guy could have. It is still like that and Joey that works for us at the shop is basically doing that same thing now and had a great hatch a couple of days ago. I love that!
As we get warmer weather hitting later in the week of April 11th, I would bet the Pale Evening Duns #12-14 will start popping in the evening along with caddis hatches too. Get your X Caddis selection in order in Tans and Olive #14-18.
Tons of good nymphing through here too.
We recommend anywhere from Sawyer Park in Bend, through Tumalo, down to the river to Cline Falls, Lower Bridge and to the Lake.

The Lower Deschutes is still closed for another 11 days on the Warm Springs to Trout Creek Drift, and South Jct.
So if you’re headed to the Lower D, get down to Maupin and fish the open areas.
It is worth the drive and the time as the fish are really on the bite.
Stonefly Nymphs, Jigs, Perdigons, Caddis Pupa are all hot flies for the time.
There is a good probability you’ll see a March Brown #14 hatch and BWO’s #18 and Caddis #12-18.

South Twin has been slower than last year at this time. Fishing just hasn’t picked up yet, or it needs to be stocked. It’s not dead, but its only fair fishing so far.

Haystack continues to be a hot bet for wading anglers near the main boat ramp on Balanced Leeches and some chrironomids under an indicator.

If you are a weather watcher like me, you know a lot of warm days are coming soon. Get out on the water and get fishing.
See you out there.

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  1. As a newbie to the area and fly fishing I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your weekly reports. Thank you, made my way to the Fall River last week and had some success about a 1/2 mile above the pipes with a wooly bugger streamer…..

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