Hosmer Lake still snowed in 5/16/22

I decided to drive up and take a look, in the interest of the reports, and that I have guide trips booked at Hosmer starting tomorrow.

Elk Lake was still frozen over completely. That leads me to think Hosmer is too. I can’t tell because the access road off the Cascade Lakes Highway is still snowed in. Drake, Berkeley and I walked up it for a while, and it got more and more snow covered. It’s very slushy so I think it’s going to go quickly, and I’d say it’s 6-10 inches deep.

My guess is sometime next week these will open up from ice and probably someone with a bigger truck and more guts than I have will drive through it and break it up for a faster melt.

Taken from the turnoff at the Cascade Lakes Highway 5/16/22

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