Another East Lake update 5/25/22

Drove up again after my Paulina trip (which was good again 3 days in a row now). Ramps at the resort (pay) plus Hot Springs we’re good. The ramp at East Lake CG was sketchy but should be fine very soon. People used it but there were some snowy spots and it was a little hard getting through the narrow turns back to the parking area.

Ironically, parking was better in EL CG lot than Hot Springs. It is still really deep snow where we park at Hot Springs. If it’s busy (and we know it will be for Memorial weekend) people are going to need patience and have parking creativity.

Docks are not in at any East Lake or Paulina Lake sites. BUT….people were using those USFS ramps today and parked in (East) east lake campground and hot springs (Paulina) Paulina lake cg and little crater cg.

Hopefully USFS will get the dock crew up there soon!

This is at least 30-40 inches of snow at the Hot Springs parking lot
And it makes for a narrow parking lot likely unusable for big boat trailers
The ramp looks good, but the water is low still and watch those rocks at the end of the ramp.
Here’s the East Lake CG ramp. See what I mean on the snow. It’s still sketchy getting a truck and boat trailer around in that, but it’s melting quickly now

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