Take a minute to help the Deschutes fish through Bend and sign up for this info now. 10/31/22


Hi conservation minded friends and lovers of wild trout, I am asking for you to sign up to receive information on the proposed Mirror Pond Fish Passage project. We need to show support for this and right now it is as simple as putting your name and email on this link I shared. 
More action might be required later, but for now all of can agree wild trout need to be able to move throughout river systems to be healthiest. Right now that isn’t happening at the dam on Newport Avenue that forms Mirror Pond. And it has not happened for nearly a century. That is bad for fish my friends. 
I doubt at any time in the near future Bend will lose Mirror Pond, but I guarantee you we can design a working fish passage around that old dam. 
Now is the time. 
Please sign up and share with others to do the same. 

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