Jeff’s fishing report 3/3/23

I am sure enjoying a lot more daylight these days. Starting next weekend (daylight saving time begins) it’ll be light enough after we close the shop to make a quick trip to the Metolius after work. Spring seems closer and closer.

The Metolius is already showing some signs of spring hatches with a few of the yellow cinygmula mayflies hatching mid-day, and of course march hatches of Blue Wing Olives is pretty consistent sometime between 12:30 and 3.
Fish have really been eating purple comparaduns, sparkle duns and film critics on 6x or 7x tippet.
Certainly add some #14-16 yellow sparkle duns and knock down downs to your collection from now until May for cinygmula.
Midges (damn small black midges #22-24) are important. Fish have been eating adults in some of the eddies.
Plenty of caddis, not like mega adult action, but consistent pupa fishing and those include Orange #8-12, Amber #12-14, Grey #14-16 and I always recommend prospecting a Stimulator or larger Orange Foam Elk Hair Caddis.
Stonefly nymphs are a staple 365 on the Met.
Egg Patterns have been catching a lot of fish along with Walts Worms, Blue, Olive and Brown Perdigons, Zebra’s and 2 Bit Hookers.
Bull Trout are chasing streamers on the strip and with that you probably want a sink tip line for that. Tumbling and swinging streamers is always a good way to get a Bull’s attention. Depending on the fly and how it is weighted you can do some of that with an indicator rig, or a floating line or a sink tip.

The Lower Deschutes in Maupin is fishing pretty well already for as chilly as it’s been. Euro nymphing with Perdigons, Rainbow Warriors, Green Prince, Hares Ears and Micro Mayfly BWO Nymphs.
A friend from Portland said he was down there swinging his trout spey and had some good luck too. But Mattias & Drew from the shop really whacked ’em fishing heavy nymphs.
Water temps are 44F. That is cold, so be prepared for that.

The Middle Deschutes is not worth the time quite yet.

The Fall River is a good bet, but be prepared for a fair bit of snow in the South County. Afternoon BWO and Midge hatches mixed with the tail end of this winters Little Black Stoneflies will be bringing fish up the surface. 6 1/2X and 7X will pay big dividends on the dry fly side, but also on the nymphs in that clear water.
Eggs, Mops, Perdigons, Jigs, 2 Bit Hookers and Tungsten Micro May’s are all great nymphs. For a complete day, and another way to approach the fish add some euro streamers and pine squirrel leeches to the mix.

Well, I got a few half way decent reports from the Crooked up near the dam. Water is low as SH@T, but, fish are eating midges during the afternoon hatch and a tiny thread midge, zebra midge or skinny nelson 1 to 3 feet under a NZ Wool indicator is working pretty good. it’s not going to be a 50 fish day type of deal, but you ought to catch some small to mid-size rainbows now.
It will be interesting to see as we march through the month of March and when we usually see massive hatches of BWO’s by the end of the month, if that’ll happen this year with longer and warmer days ahead and water temps gradually warming too.
Time will tell, but I think the Crooked is worth putting back on the fishing radar.
Water is 50cfs. There will be ZERO chance of a spring run off.

Lake Simtustus & Lake Billy Chinook are close. Let’s warm up a bit for a week and see what happens. Maybe that’s still a ways off looking at the 10 days forecast.
South Twin is a long ways off.
49 days until opening day at Crane.

Don’t forget our Spring Guide Trip Special for $100 off guide trips on the Fall River $375 (1 to 3 people) or Crooked (Let’s wait and see if it picks up a little more) or $500 on Nena to Wapinitia with Troy starting after March 18th. A great way to get out early and get fishing with an FFP guide!

See you on the water!


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