Crooked River High Water Update 4/27/23

I didn’t think in a million years that the Prineville Reservoir was going to fill to capacity in 2023, but based on the fact it is 72% full this morning and has well over 3000 cfs coming in, the Bureau of Rec has started to bump flows pretty high at Bowman Dam (currently over 800 cfs) and that is going to shut down the fishing for a while.
It’s a bummer, but it’s a short term bummer and it is good for the river to get a high water wash out of the gravels.

We will keep an eye on it and let you know when the water goes back to the low to mid 200’s and then it’s fishin’ time again.

There must be an awful lot of snow up in the Ochocco’s still if at 72% on the reservoir they are already making efforts to dump water below? I do hope they are doing the math correctly!

One thought on “Crooked River High Water Update 4/27/23

  1. I’ve been planning a fishing trip for more than two months on the crooked for next weekend – May 4-7. I’ll keep an eye on usgs!

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