Fishing Report weekly updates 7/30/2023

Good morning from a bass pond near Wamic, Oregon. We took the weekend off from trout and joined our friends at their orchard near Mt Hood and we are catching largemouth bass and bluegill on poppers. Quite the departure from Euro Nymphs and PMD hatches I had earlier this week on the Metolius, and Callibaetis hatches on East Lake! I have to say, bass are fun but they don’t have my heart like a trout does. But variety is indeed the spice of life and we are happy to be here with Chester and Heather.

The Metolius is definitely on the upswing with hatches and risers. Later afternoon PMD hatches, early evening BWO hatches followed by Caddis and Spinners to dusk will offer good dry fly action throughout most every section of river, and always be thinking about the Golden Stones from Gorge up to Riverside CG. Nymph fishing early in the day and past lunch will be good for those non-hatch times. I had good success earlier this week on a Walt’s Worm and a Peacock and Hares Ear Jig the size of a Green Drake nymph.

The Crooked River is fishing well, with decent to good afternoon PMD hatches and look for that to occur in any shadow that might form in the late afternoon. Also can be a hatch in the sunny spots, but the shadows are really hard to beat. Perdigons, Zebra Midges, 2 Bits and Split Case PMD are awesome nymphs. Swinging soft hackles towards evening is a lot of fun, and add some Caddis Pupa and Adults to your mix for evening outings. Midges are also a big food source for the trout and an emerging midge and adult midge in black #22 is good.

The Lower Deschutes has been good for the FFP guide team and staff (like Cpt. Drew who spent 3 days off camping and fishing) this week. Evening Caddis and PED hatches continue to be strong, and look for spinners and emerging Caddis and Mayflies in the Eddie’s even mid afternoon. Caddis include black 18 and Tan 16 mostly. The very best catches are coming on Perdigons fished on 5x with a euro rig.

The Middle Deschutes is a bright spot from Benham Falls above Bend to Lake Billy Chinook. The Pale Evening Dun is the best hatch and that is usually after dinner to dusk. During that evening time BWO’s and Caddis are likely to be very important. PMDs are also important and can be a good mid day hatch throughout the river.

The McKenzie is amazing! Our guides are smacking them on leeches, jigs, perdigons and dry droppers with a chubby on top.

The Fall River is fishing well too, the recent stocking has also helped. There have been PMD hatches and BWO, midges, tan Caddis and decent terrestrial action. Euro nymphing and streamers have been our best flies.

East Lake was really good last week for the 3 days I was up. Lots of fish on Pink or Tan Grass! 2 of the days also offered nice afternoon Callibaetis fishing with emergers and dries. We have a Stalcups Extended Body fly that I’ve used for years that was just awesome this week. so many damsel hatches and fish eating adults.

Paulina is good with some early morning Callibaetis and afternoon with terrestrials (beetles #1, hoppers a close second and ants!) indicator with a balanced leech and a red 2 bit is good. Stripping a leech off the drop off areas is a lot of fun at times and worth the time to see if that’s is the ticket for the moment. Damsels here too.

Hosmer was good last week and I am really looking forward to being back there this week! Damsels and Chironomids are going well. Should be a lot more Callibaetis soon. Evening fishing you need to add Caenis (they look like Trico’s) and big traveling sedge Caddis. Maroon leeches are the favorite color of mine for this season so far.

I’ve heard some decent reports from Crane. Damsels and Chironomids and Leeches in the Channels. Watch warm water out of any of the channels.

3 Creeks is Open and the road is great and the fishing is good already. Callibaetis and black X Caddis on top, plus the beetles, red hippie stompers and ants and damsels. Balanced leeches on an indicator rig is good. Stripping or trolling a Flashback PT on a hover or intermediate is awesome.

Well, everyone is off the lake waiting for me. Gotta load boats and go have lunch and head to home. Trout, I’ll see you soon.

Love, Jeff

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