Crooked River Fly Fishing Guide Trip

Crooked River Fly Fishing


The Crooked River is a year round fishery for us, but is best from March to late October. Midges and Scuds dominate the fishing action in December, January, and February. By March, the BWO hatches begin as the water begins to warm, then we get PMD’s and Caddis throughout the summer and BWO’s and Mahogany Duns in the fall.

In the Summer, the water remains cold coming from the bottom of the reservoir. We fish hoppers and attractors here in the summer during non hatch periods. By Fall, fishing can really get “hot” again with great hatches coming off. We watch for high water releases in the spring on big snowpack years. Runoff here can last a week to over a month and usually starts in late March.


FULL DAY: $475 for two +$25 for three anglers.
HALF DAY: $425 for two +$25 for three anglers.

Fishing Report

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