How to Czech and European Style Nymph

By: Jeff Perin

Several years ago I began following the fly fishing team competitions out of curiosity, having previously thought what could be worse than making fly fishing a competition sport? Putting that aside, what I learned is these anglers are some of the best in the world and also have some of the most innovative techniques. While I am pretty sure I will never enter a competitive fly fishing event, I have become a better fly angler by studying the techniques these competitors use around the world with great success.

I was really excited to learn a few new methods, especially those coming from the European teams to catch fish on a nymph in different ways than how we typically set it up here in the USA with a strike indicator, 2 nymphs and some split shot.

While there are many ways to catch a fish on a nymph, there are 2 methods that have become my favorites when I decide to go without a strike indicator and go Euro style.

I’d like to share those with you here and talk about the equipment choices to add to the experience so you can be ready to go try this on your own.

It is fun, and above all you won’t believe how effective it can be to be totally in touch with the drift of your nymphs fishing this way, compared to slack line techniques.

Since this is a lengthy topic (that has numerous books written about it) – I divided up this primer into these sections: RIGGING, CASTING, GEAR, HELP

Euro & Czech Nymph Rigging

Anyone that has read a fly fishing magazine in the last few years has likely seen an article talking about Czech style nymphing or Czech style nymphs. The Czech Republic Fly Fishing Team developed this method of fishing to comply with international rules that prohibit the use of a suspension style strike indicator in competitions … Continue reading Euro & Czech Nymph Rigging

Euro & Czech Nymph Gear

European nymph fishing uses pretty simple equipment in most cases. Here is a list of what I use when I’m out on the river…. Rods Most 9’ to 11’, 2 or 3 weight rods tend to be the most effective for this style of fishing. My favorite is a 10’ 3 weight for my own … Continue reading Euro & Czech Nymph Gear

Euro & Czech Nymph Help

Euro Nymph Guided Class In the world of fishing, there is always confusion in the beginning and interpretation to apply to the way you think it will work best on your own waters. To get you through the process of learning Jeff Perin, the owner of the Fly Fisher’s Place offers an all-day European Nymphing … Continue reading Euro & Czech Nymph Help