Crooked River

The Crooked has slowed a bit from it’s glory we’ve had the last 2 or 3 months but still it is good and catch rates are higher than anywhere else. A few weeks ago a really good angler might have got 50 in a day, now it’s more like a dozen to 20. Nothing wrong with that! I suspect the beginning of the spawn, so please keep an eye out for beds, don’t fish them and sure as hell don’t wade in them.
Yesterday the BWO hatch was strong in the AM before the heavy afternoon rains.
PMD hatches are OK and will improve as we move into June. Rusty Spinners will follow good afternoon PMD hatches and spinner falls will typically be best in the evening.
Caddis are good. Most of what we are seeing is matched well with a #16 Missing Link Caddis, #16 Olive Iris or X-Caddis and a #16 Henry’s Fork Caddis. Don’t neglect fishing a pupa.
Scuds, Zebra Midges , Flashback PT’s and Small Baetis Nymphs are really important nymphs now and for the rest of the summer.

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