Upper Deschutes River June 11, 2015

the Walk and Wade section up above Crane Prairie is good, especially on small nymphs in the deeper runs.
Fish are looking up for dries, ants, PMDs, drakes, caddis, Lady Di, Float & Fool, Renegade, Go to Hell Variant are all good.
Streamers are fun up there, with the bright rufus taking small brookies, and sculpin patterns taking larger brook trout and rainbows.
We were up there a few days ago Czech nymphing in the runs with a Pale Yellow jig fly and PT Nymphs and caught a lot of small trout and some awesome whitefish in a short time in the heat of the day.

the Float Trip section below Wickiup was good for us on our last 2 trips and we found running nymphs down the center channel and off the ledges was pretty darn good. There are PMDs and caddis hatching, and an Ant is a good choice to search for fish.
Streamers fish deep and off the banks will always be good on any water with predatory browns! This is the Upper D. Last week we also picked up the biggest rainbow we’ve ever seen in 5+ years of guiding that stretch on a Sculpin. Awesome.

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