Cascade Lakes 7/6/15

Despite the heat, there is plenty of good fishing on the lakes with East Lake, Wickiup, Crane, Davis and Lava all staying good lately.
East lake is getting fine callibaetis hatches, and chironomid fishing under an indicator is strong mid-day and in the evening. Also look for damsels and ants to be important.

Wickiup is fishing well in the Sheep Creek area and in the Davis Arm. We’ve been getting good reports of caddis, callibaetis and damsels. Early AM anglers will do well from time to time hunting the beasts in the lake with Streamers.

Crane was good all weekend with damsels, chironomids and some callibaetis. Fish are in the channels, mostly at Quinn and Cultus.

Lava is good near the resort with leech patterns trailed with a callibaetis or chironomid nymph.

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