Cascade Lakes report July 22, 2015

East lake was good this week on Callibaetis. It was very windy early in the week which surprised us based on the high pressure over the area, but a front did pass thru last night and today seems way calmer.
There have been 2 hatch times of callibaetis, late morning and again about 7 to 8 in the evening. Most of the day we are finding fish on nymphs fishing Hover, Intermediate (Clear Camo) and Type 3 lines.

We’ve had some outstanding fishing at Wickiup fishing little nymphs.

Crane has been pretty good most days around Quinn Channel. Leeches and Chironomids are working best in the AM, then damsels nymphs. In the evening look for most fish to come on a Rufus off a Hover line.

Hosmer is good. It’s been awesome with damsels late mornings and afternoons. We’ve been running a little cdc ant off the back as a trailer with good success. Callibaetis are hatching well and some nice evening caddis action. Try skittering one of our (ugly) Cascade Caddis towards dark in the channel. Lastly, don’t forget black or olive UV Rufus, and some Chironomids in the channel.

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