Lower Deschutes Report 7/22/15

First, let me say the upper 80 miles are not at all effected by any ODFW closures. Water temps coming out of Pelton are 54 degrees. Well in the SAFE ZONE for the fish, where Trout Unlimited says optimal water temps for Trout range from 45 to 58 degrees.
This afternoon the water temps at Moody Rapid was 64. That was 2 degrees warmer than this morning, but daily fluctuations are normal. There is an ODFW closure from 2 PM to Dark from Mack’s Canyon to the Columbia everyday at this time. If you are going to go steelheading near the mouth, keep that in mind it’s a morning fish from dawn to 2 PM and then it’s beer drinking time the rest of the afternoon and evening.
On August 1st, the bottom release at the dam will begin and we anticipate seeing water temperatures drop several more degrees. I just can’t imagine why, after August 3rd or so, why ODFW would continue to have the after 2 PM closure in the macks to the mouth run but thine will tell and biologist will make the call as to what is safe for the steelhead.

Up in the Warm Springs section our guides are getting fish on Spent Caddis and X Caddis, PMD, Purple Haze, Frenchie, Psycho Prince, Girdle Bug, Hares Ear, Caddis Pupa and 3 Dollar Dips. Fishing is good to very good some days.

Give us a week to 10 days and we will start targeting steelhead but at the moment, where they are in the system we are giving them a rest as they come out of the Columbia.

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