Cascade Lakes report 8/11/15

East lake continues to be good. Chironomids in the morning and afternoon, callibaetis in the afternoon and in the evening. Some damsel action on both nymphs and dries. Look for little ants and beetles to bring fish up to the surface, especially near the White Slide in the mornings and afternoons.

Hosmer has been excellent on Damsels, Callibaetis and Caddis.

Crane Prairie is good in the channels, especially Quinn and Deschutes. Red Rufus, Black Leech, Olive Leech, Minnow Bugger, Cascade Bugger, Chironomids and Damsels have all bee successful.

Trail Bridge Reservoir is really good. Yellow Wooly Bugger with an Orange Soft hackle is a super bet. More traditional Prince Nymph, Hares Ear, PT and Chironomids are also good.

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