Update on Lower Deschutes Water Temps 8/1/15

In the morning the water temps at Moody (just above the Columbia) is about 62. At noon today it is 65 and last night it was 68. With these 100 degree days it is going to be like this. Don’t fish for steelhead after noon. These fish have been thru a big journey to get here and they have a lot more of a journey to complete. Playing a steelhead in 65 to 70 degree is fatal to them. Yep, they will swim away but most of them won’t make it later.
Fish from dawn to the time the sun hits the water about 8 to 10 AM, and give the fish a break after that.

Weather forecast is looking good in about 4 more days.

Bottom release should help too.

By mid next week this should be history, but for the next few days be responsible.

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