Metolius fishing report 2/2/16

Hi gang, I am back from 2 weeks away and have been home long enough to know I miss the summer weather in the Southern Hemisphere (like, a lot!) and that the fishing on the Metolius was pretty darn good while I was gone.

I’ve been able to catch up with several good anglers and friends and get their updates on the river.
So here is the latest scoop:

Hatches are pretty good. BWO’s and Caddis dominate the hatch on any given day but there are quite a few little black (winter) stones. Fish are occasionally up on the dries, but anytime you have good hatches it means there is a bunch going on under the surface and most of the best days my buddies have had came on nymphs. It seems the new law allowing weight on the leader is really helping get the flies to the fish.

Bull Trout have been pretty active and it also seems to me that early morning fishing has been the best time. From reports I would say 60% nymphs and 40% streamers on the catch in the last few weeks. Eggs have probably been best but a Red Copper John has been good too.

I can’t wait to get out there. I have to go to Portland for a board meeting at Water Watch Saturday and then Tina and I are going to the coast to visit family over there, if all goes well I will fish steelhead over there Monday and then be back to fish the Metolius next week.

I hope to see you on the river soon. As always the shop is full of all the best flies for the river so stop in and pick up some if you need any for the river as you come through town.

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