Crooked River fishing report 3/31/16

The River dropped into shape over night. It is below 300 cfs and looks like it is still dropping. Last week it was 1200 cfs, then 900, then 700, then 400, now 295. 230 is normal summer flows. Prineville Reservoir is nearly full. It should be a good summer with water.

We do not have any updates on fishing since the river has been unfishable for several weeks due to high water.

I would guess we will see good BWO hatches very soon, and midges and a few early caddis. If there are not enough hatches quite yet, fish nymphs of the BWO’s and Midges and try some Prince’s, Scuds, Sparkle Pupa’s, Flashback PT’s and Leeches. A lot of times in early April the Crooked will get a few days of a Skawla Hatch. Keep an eye for those and try a olive variegated Girdle Bug for a nymph.

Before the run-off, the fishing was slow…One thing that was interesting and uncharacteristic was the evening fishing turned on with fish up on the surface nearly every evening right before sunset. We need to keep an eye for that still.

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