Metolius River Fishing Report 3/31/16

Sorry for the delayed report. I was traveling and had no access to the internet.

Fishing continues to be good, especially nymphing in the upper river. Dry Fly action is pretty good, some days way better than others with BWO and Cinygmula mayflies making up the bulk of the hatch. Some caddis and some little stoneflies are hatching but we haven’t seen fish keyed on any of that.

Bull Trout fishing is continuing to be good. Some fish are coming on streamers as always, but small nymphs have by far been the best for taking bull trout on a consistent basis.

Remember, the river above Allingham Bridge is closed until the end of May. We’ve been seeing anglers up there fishing, most just don’t know the regulations but some guys are being total jerks when told the river is closed. Don’t be that guy. Read the regulations, know what is open and what is closed. That upper river is closed for a reason to protect spawning beds. That is important for the river.

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