Hosmer Lake report 5/16/16

Hosmer is open and fishing well. I was up on both Saturday and Sunday. We didn’t get much time on the water saturday due to thunder & lightning and pretty heavy rain, but it was a good 1st day of the season for us.

On Sunday I guided some guys and while it rained all day and was pretty cold, the fishing was pretty good. Fish are on Chrionomids under a bobber. Little #16 black with red rib and a white tuft at the head was the best for us. From 2 to 3 PM there were a number of callibaetis hatching and the fish were really on the emerging nymphs. They were hard to fool during this time but is was awesome to see fish up on the top!

Black Leech was also good for us. All in all, I’d put Hosmer on the must fish list soon.

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