Metolius River report 5/23/16

The Drakes are getting better and better with more showing up every day. Hatch can be as late as 5 PM so best to get there at about 2 and wait. Some days it will last 10 minutes and other days (lucky days) it will go for an hour.

PMD’s have been on and off. This is the time of year mega hatch days occur.

Not much for evening hatches now, but when it warms again there will be more caddis and rusty spinners.

Speaking of spinners, look for Drake spinners in the AM, usually about 8 to 10 AM.

Nymphing is great still. Golden Stones and Frenchie’s. Lightning Bug, Caddis Pupa, Mr Peacock, CDC PT, 3 Dollar Dip and Hares Ears are great nymphs throughout the day.

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