Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 8/15/16

Trout fishing in the upper run from Warm Springs to Trout Creek remains good. It is mostly on nymphs with Jigs, Zebra’s, 2 Bit Hooker, Caddis Pupa and Girdle Bugs taking the majority of the fish. These last few days our guides have also been seeing good action on small Cheeseburgers.

Some good eddy fishing on spent caddis and mayfly cripples. That can happen anytime of the day.

In the evening, look for PMD’s and PED’s and Caddis hatches.

Steelhead fishing has been slow. The run isn’t coming in very well yet, so stay tuned. 2016 is supposed to see a good run so it looks late so far. Hopefully it will improve as we get more fall weather coming in.

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