Lower Deschutes report 10/21/16

In the Warm Springs to Trout Creek Drift we had good trout fishing this week AND pretty good success on Steelhead too. Seems a lot of fish moved up in the rain last week.

October Caddis Pupa, Golden Stone Nymphs and Girdle Bugs have been great.

Prince, Bloody Mary, Red Lightning Bug, Flashback PT, Sparkle Pupa and 3 Dollar Dip’s have been good.

Swinging Sculpins on sink tips has been good for trout and a good way to search for steelhead too.

Specifically for Steelhead nymphing has proven to be best. The Cheeseburger Stone with a Steelhead Lightning Bug or Purple Steelhead Copper John is the best bet.

Swinging Green Butt Skunk’ish type stuff or more natural looking flies is a good choice. As the days get colder, we go to bigger flies and articulation is a good way to move fish to bite.

We have guides available from now thru New Years Eve unless we get a hard cold snap or heavy snow. Starting November 1st, we will do 2 people for $450 for the remainder of the year. Book a trip now!

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