Crooked River 2/1/17

The conditions are good with the water staying at a great flow this winter. Snow on the bank and parking areas is still there but it has become much easier to navigate and you can park pretty much anywhere now.

Drop Shot nymphing is by far the best way to go, and use either a FTB Sighter (indicator) or NZ Yarn indicators. The take is S-O-F-T.
Fishing is Fair, with a few better days mixed in.

The fish are eating mostly Black Thread Midges or Zebra Midges. Scuds, Small Hares Ears, Micro Mayflies and Prince Nymphs are good choices for the next several weeks.

There have been some midges hatching and fish looking up and rising once in a while. You will have more success focusing on Nymphs. On our last report we talked about BWO’s coming off. Lately there have been none and I don’t think there really will be until maybe late Feb or early to mid-March.

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