Metolius River fishing report 2/1/17

We had a skiff of fresh snow overnight and they are saying maybe another 6 to 8 inches coming for the rest of the week. This doesn’t make it any easier to get around in an already really snowy place. Next week looks warmer and with some rain moving through I’m hopeful it will help melt some of the snow and ice accumulating on the roads and parking areas.

Overall, even with all the crappy winter weather the fishing has been good. There is a consistent BWO hatch around 1. Could be a bit earlier but I’d say most days 1 to 2 is when to look for risers.
This week the Silver Stripe Sedge hatch was good, also Little Black Stoneflies are coming out in good numbers. You’ll see them crawling on the snow covered banks. Never a bad choice to try both of those patterns to see if you can conjure the odd fish just looking for something to rise to. You’ve been on the water when the fish just randomly  rise to something…worth a few casts with these bugs: #14 Orange Elk Hair Caddis, and #16-18 Black Elk Hair but trim all the hackle off the bottom and sides.

Good nymph fishing. Stonefly nymphs, red lightning bugs, blue prince, jig’s, 2 bit hookers, tan caddis pupa, october caddis pupa, bloody mary are all patterns we’ve recently had success on.

Bull Trout fishing is still ok. I’d say nymphing with a Red Chironomid #10-12 is the best fly now. They are still hitting streamers but in the middle of winter that Red Ice Cream Cone is often the one that out fishes all others.

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