Crooked River fishing report 2/15/17

The water is running a little high, at 386 cfs. Normal winter flow is about 80 cfs, normal summer flow 250’ish. It is fishable. I probably wouldn’t try to wade across it myself, but I’d work the edges.
Scuds and Zebra Midges are working, but in higher water it is never a bad choice to swing or dead drift an olive or black leech pattern.
From what I am hearing, fishing is slow to fair for most anglers.
Drop Shot, Czech nymph/sighters, Palsa or NZ indicators and Zebra Midges are your best keys to higher numbers of landed fish. #respect whitefish.

There have been no real BWO hatches to speak of, and a few good midge hatches but nothing really getting the fish to look up when feeding quite yet. We need some warm days I think to get that going and right now there is nothing in the 10 day forecast that looks like the trend will change.
The March forecast is interesting though. Forecasters are calling for the shift of the La Nina current to go south moderating the Pacific NW temps and maybe going to slightly above average temperatures. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too warm and cause rapid melt and big runoff though. We’ll keep an eye on that.

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