Middle Deschutes Report 3/13/17

From the area just upstream of Bend down thru town and into Tumalo and Lower Bridge there is some fishing to be had. Above town the water is pretty low, and below town (Bend) the water is pretty high at the moment.

We are seeing some Skawlas and Little Black Stones out and fish taking both on the surface mid day.

Nymphing with heavy nymphs is an option. If you are below Bend, most of the river is pretty unwadable, so you’ll find yourself wading thru flooded grasses and cat tails to the edge of the river and that’s as far as you should go. Fish the edges. Thats where the food is and that’s where the trout are and that’s also the safe place to be in the water for now.

We are about a month or less from irrigation season which draws the water to great fishable levels in a hurry. It’s also the time the March Browns really begin hatching.

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