Cascade Lakes Opener 4/22/17

Crane Prairie is always a fun and good bet at opener. Launch early morning  and fish into the early afternoon. It’s not open today but I am betting on Balanced Leeches, Brown Rufus, Damsel Nymphs and Ruby Eyed Leech. The Balance Leech you’ll fish on a floating line with an indicator, all the rest go with an Intermediate line.

North and South Twin Lakes were both stocked this week for the Opener. They should be quite good on Wooly Buggers, Rufus, Possie Buggers and Red Ice Cream Cones.

Wickiup is a hard call. I think the Sheeps Bridge area should be OK on scuds, damsel nymphs, leeches and water boatman.  I think the flats out from Gull Point and along the reeds by the shoreline will be good with leeches and baitfish patterns.

Davis is open and fishing fair. Some nice trout are being caught along with the occasional Bass. Brown Rufus, Damsel Nymphs and Black Leeches are good patterns to focus on with a slow sinking line adding to success.

There will not be access to Lava, Little Lava or Hosmer this week. Still snowed in, although it looks like Lava is close based on a photo I saw on the Deschutes County Road Dept website. There was clear pavement in most areas but the gate is not open.

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